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Succesfully Completed Transactions to date 

(Aug 31 2016)

996 Old Post Rd, Fairfield

42 Osborne Place, Southport 

56 Osborne Place, Southport

1741 Cross Highway, Greenfield HIll - Fairfield

187 Newtown Turnpike, Weston

40 Old Farm Road, Weston

157 Cheesespring Rd, Wilton

304 Greens Farms Road, Westport (2nd time)

636 Reid Street, Fairfield

126 Jackman Ave. Fairfield

572 Oldfield Rd. Fairfield

1027 High St., Fairfield

52 Field Street, Norwalk

6775 Main Street, Trumbull

110 Valleyview Road, Fairfield

83 Buena Vista Rd, Fairfield

68 Pond Street, Fairfield

155 Godfrey Rd Fairfield

100 Seaview Ave #3J Norwalk

233 Lloyd Drive, Fairfield

128 Veres Street, Fairfield (2nd time)

110 Hulls Highway, Southport

151 Valleyview Road, Fairfield

300 Beacon Hill Rd, Trumbull

12 New Street Terrace, Wilton

23 Waschuk Circle, Fairfield

107 Glen Side, Wilton 

109 New England Ave, Fairfield

3931 Congress Street, Fairfield

171 Whiting Pond Rd Fairfield

48 Compo Mill CV, Westport

996 Old Post Road, Fairfield

40 Eagle Drive Fairfield

53 Sherman Street, Fairfield

15 Janson Drive Westport

112 Judd Street, Fairfield (twice)

17 Nutmeg Lane, Fairfield

155 Woodrow Ave. Southport

19 River Oaks Rd, Westport

676 Fairfield Beach Road, Fairfield

236 Woodside Circle, Fairfield

13 Churchill Street Fairfield

49 John Street, Southport

204 Church Hill Rd Fairfield

220 Castle Ave. Fairfield

6 April Drive, Westport

116 Bungalow Ave. Fairfield

446 Wormwood Rd. Fairfield

140 Bronson Rd. Fairfield

28 Fullin Court, Norwalk

201 Hemlock Rd. Fairfield

231 Ruane Street Fairfield

14 Nolan Street Norwalk

401 Grovers Ave, Black Rock

38 Sawyer Road Fairfield

75 Sasapequan Rd Fairfield

575 Fairfield Woods Rd. Fairfield

62 Rhode Island Ave Fairfield

135 Lockwood Road Fairfield

26 Glen Terrace Stamford

1263 South Pine Creek Fairfield

50 Grumman Ave Norwalk

12 Langner Lane Wilton

6 April Drive Westport

244 North Pine Creek Rd Fairfield

50 Stone Ridge Way Fairfield

75 Stone Ridge Way Fairfield

763 Rowland Rd Fairfield

126 Hoydens Hill Fairfield

65 Audubon Lane Fairfield

181 Arbor Rd Southport

47 September Lane Weston

1058 North Benson Rd

1082 N Benson Rd. Fairfield

50 Stone Ridge Way Fairfield

47 Rock Spring Rd.  Stamford

464 Round Hill Rd Fairfield

70 Cedar Heights Rd Stamford

1263 Stillwater Rd Stamford

442 Morehouse Hwy Fairfield

236 Godfrey Rd E Weston

25 Waschuk Circle Fairfield

111 Kings Highway S. Westport

64 Melville Ave Fairfield CT

109 New England Ave Fairfield

1 Maplewood Ave. Westport

76 Bulkley Ave Westport

105 Pine Creek Rd. Fairfield

916 Sturges Highway Fairfield

102 Dill Rd Fairfield

476 Wormwood Road Fairfield

482 Courtland Ave. Black Rock

19 Hickory Drive Westport

147 Crane Street Fairfield

73 Turkey Hill South Westport

10 The Mews Westport

65 Rusling Place Brooklawn.

304 Brooklawn Ave. Brooklawn

11 Parade Ground Ct Weston CT

2 Fairport Rd. Westport

100 Old Dam Rd Fairfield

96 College Place Fairfield

128 Veres St Fairfield

1783 Jennings Rd Fairfield

491 Main Street, Westport

74 Cedar Woods Rd Fairfield

165 Robin Lane Fairfield

50 Lindbergh St Fairfield

208 Nichols St, Fairfield

270 Fox Hill Rd., Stratford

27 Coventry Rd. Trumbull

409 Lenox Rd Fairfield

236 Godfrey Rd Weston

100 Tanglewood Rd Stratford

256 Georgetown Rd. Weston

18 Grey Hollow Rd. Norwalk

42 East Paulding Street Fairfield

232 Beacon Hill Rd Trumbull

9 Island Way Westport

1818 Mill Plain Rd Fairfield

442 Morehouse Highway Fairfield (2nd time)

996 Old Post Rd Fairfield

89 Riverside Road Newtown

22 Timber Lane Westport

110 Valleyview Place Fairfield

128 Veres St Fairfield (2nd time)

8 Vista Drive Easton

60 Frederick Street Trumbull

67 Lord's Highway Weston

11 Parade Ground Court Weston

340 Brooklawn Ave Brooklawn

5 Chestnut Street Trumbull (2nd time)

482 Courtland Ave Black Rock

304 Greens Farms Rd Westport

101 Greens Farms Rd Westport

15 Janson Dr Westport

17 Nutmeg Ln Fairfield

3845 Park Ave, Fairfield

565 Pequot Ln Stratford

100 Tanglewood Rd Stratford

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